500 Words Essay on My Mother in English

500 Words Essay on My Mother in English
500 Words Essay on My Mother in English

Here you can read a simple and well-defined English Essay on My Mother in 500 words. It will help you boost your idea to write an Essay about My Mother in English.

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Essay on My Mother -

Introduction, Greatness of Mother, Features, Embodiment of Virtues of Indian Women hood, Her busy Life, Religious Lady, Strength of Moral Conviction, Conclusion.

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'Mother' is the most adorable and sacred word for all in the world. Realising the important role that mothers play in the sustenance of human civilization the Indian society pays high regards to motherhood. The lawgiver Manu says that mothers are in a thousand times glorious than fathers.

"Sahashran to pitrunmata gaurabenatirichyate” [Manu 2/145].

No tribute is sufficient to express one's hert felt obligation for his mother.

My mother is an embodiment of all the virtues of Indian womanhood. She is a slightly built plain looking woman. She has a responsive face. Her features in its entirety presents an impression of untiring alertness.

My mother is a working lady. She works as a teacher in a government high school. She leads a busy life from dawn to midnight, but she never looks tired. She never frets, nor she fumes over her work and responsibilities. She leaves bed before the crows caw. She sweeps, cleans, cooks food, serves food, nurses the sick grandmother, helps us to do our home tasks and gets her ready for her school by 9 a.m. Evening has a more busy schedule for her. Every evening, returning from school she never finds time to straighten her up. She prepares tea, cooks dinner, reads Bhagabat Katha to grandmother, corrects the notes of her students, helps us in our home tasks and serves dinner to all. She retires to bed by midnight. From dawn to midnight she never enjoys a minute's respite. She can do so much because she loves to work for her family.

She is a generous and religious lady. Never a beggar returns from our door without alms. Our neighbours also respect her. She always tells that first make yourself good, others will be good naturally.

Her immense strength of moral convictions astounds all. She is very sensitive towards dos and don't dos. She never tolerates any form of demonstrativeness. When any one of us is sick, she sits by the sick's bed and nurses him or her day and night. But if our groans are at any time become improportionate to our suffering then she looks sternly at us. She wants that we should not behave unjustly at anywhere. Her teachings help us to live an ideal life.

My mother is a lady of strong moral convictions. She looks on falsehood with deep contempt. She always lays emphasis on good manners. She is an exemplary lady. Her morality and sense of duty are astonishing. I am really proud of my mother.

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