500 Words Essay on My Grandfather in English

500 Words Essay on My Grandfather in English
500 Words Essay on My Grandfather in English

Here you can read a simple and well-defined English Essay on My Grandfather in 500 words. It will help you boost your idea to write an Essay about My Grandfather in English.

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Essay on My Grandfather -

Introduction, Appearance, An active person, Engaged in socially useful works, His influence, Conclusion.

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Blessed is the home where the young ones enjoy the warm affection of their grandparents. Age has its wisdom. Therefore, it is often said that “Old is gold.” My grandfather is a burning example of it.

My grandfather is a sexagenarian. He is a retired police officer. He is a strongly built man. Furthermore, he possesses an attractive personality. The long, bushy and upturned mustache that he grooms on his round impassive face, inspires fear in small children. His agility and virility at an advanced age puts us to shame.

He leads an active and socially-useful life. He leaves bed much before the cocks cackle. Every morning he walks up to a temple situated at a distance of three kilometres from our house, cleans the campus of the temple and returns home. Then he takes a jugful of fruit juice and sits with us helping me and my sister in our home tasks.

Retirement is a blessing in disguise for an active person like him. He is now free to utilize his talents as he likes. He keeps him busy in many socially useful works. Not only that, but he has started a co-operative society which will manufacture papad, incense sticks, pickle etc. with an objective to provide employment to some young men and women and to provide quality food product to people.

My grandfather is a self-made man. He has unflinching faith on hard work and honesty. My grandfather's father was a poor, tenant farmer. By dint of hard work my grandfather could establish him well in society. He always advises us to be dutiful without hankering after fruits. He is a great patriot. Likewise, he always says – “Don't think what the country will do for you. Always think what you can do for the country.” He has decorated his room with life-size portraits of Bharat Mata, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subash Bose and Seemant Gandhi Khan Abdul G. Khan.

He hates the manifestation of corruption in any shape and is always ready to help a man who has been wrongly treated by any government official. He leads a simple life. He takes vegetarian meals and requests all to live a humble life.

I am fortunate enough to enjoy the loving care of such an exemplary person. He is very fond of me and my sister. Every morning he helps us in doing our home-tasks. He helps my parents whenever they are in problem. On Sundays, he takes us for outing. He buys presents to me on special occasions. At times, he asks very funny riddles. To solve them requires intuitive power as well as intelligence.

I am indebted to my grandfather for the benign shower of care and concern with which he drenches me and my parents.

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