500 Words Essay on My Father in English

500 Words Essay on My Father in English
500 Words Essay on My Father in English

Here you can read a simple and well-defined English Essay on My Father in 500 words. It will help you boost your idea to write an Essay about My Father in English.

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Essay on My Father -

Introduction, Discription of appearance, His characteristics, His sence of duty, His influence on me, Conclusion.

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"It is difficult to write about one's father." My father Parikshat Sahani seems to be cent percent universal. Anyone faces the same problem when he or she tries to present a truthful and objective portrait of his or her father.

Our scriptures glorify a father as broad as a sky, as deep as an ocean, as patient as a mountain, who always stands like a mighty banyan tree to protect, to save, to shelter his offsprings.

My father is in his middle forties. He is a robustly built man. He is a dynamic man who possesses an inexhaustible animation in his features. Furthermore, he has an untiring zest for work.

My father is a government servant. He works as an administrative officer in the Revenue Department of the government of Odisha, He is an honest officer. He cannot tolerate the expression of evil in any form, He punishes his subordinates who accept bribe severely. What he dislikes most is falsehood. He never yields to force, He works as his conscience prompts him.

He bears a solemn bearing. He laughs a little. But at times he becomes fluent particularly when he is with us at home or in a picnic spot.

My father has an unflinching sense of duty. He is an obedient son to his parents and an adorable father to his children He is well aware of his responsibilities towards his brothers, sisters and the neighbours. He goes to office in time. After a hard day's work he returns home in the evening. At times, he is required to stay in his office late into nights. During natural calamities he forgets about us. He works hard but never frets and fumes. He loves his work. He never neglects anyone.

He has taught us to be truthful and honest. He says us that through hard work and perseverance we can establish us well in society. Like a friend he understands our problems and like a father solves them.

My father has a charismatic personality. He is a busy man. Still then he finds time for charitable works. He devotes much of his earnings and time for the welfare of the poor. He is an active member of the Lion's Club of our city. He works as the honorary president of an Orphanage and a Home for Senior Citizens. Any man in need can meet him without any hesitation. He always says that if your wealth and knowledge fails to yield benefit to needy ones of the society then your life is worthless.

All honour him, many love him, I am proud of him.

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