500 Words Essay on My Home in English

500 Words Essay on My Home in English
500 Words Essay on My Home in English

Here you can read a simple and well-defined English Essay on My Home in 500 words. It will help you boost your idea to write an Essay about Home in English.

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English Essay on My Home -

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Introduction of Home -

The body of human civilization is a configuration of cells known as homes. Homes are the smallest units, the microcosm of human institutions.

Importance of Home -

Each one's home is a paradise to him or her. Home is the place where one is born and brought up. So it remains to one, the sweetest place on the earth. Every home is a sweet home.

How do I esteem my Home -

"Home, home sweet home 
There is no place like a home." 

Location of My Home -

I am fortunate to be born in a very cosy and comfortable home. My home is situated in a picturesque location in the suburb of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha : It is a modest pucca house built at the foot of a green hill. A small stream murmurs down at a small distance. Lush green trees encompass it on all sides.

Members who live in our Home -

My small but close-knit family stays here. My family consists of my grandparents, my parents, my sister and I myself. And of course there are whistle and Growls, our cat and dog who are very much members of our house.

Quantities that turns a House to a Home -

We are proud of our home. Love, compassion, care and concern of all, for all, has made it an abode of peace. My home has certain rules and regulations. My grandparents and parents credit these rules for their success.

One of these unwritten laws is, we all must take our breakfast and dinner together. The breakfast is rather a hurried affair. We all are in a hurry to go to our respective places of works; my father and mother to the college where both of them work as lecturers, my grandfather to his factory and I myself and my sister to our schools. The dinner is something else. It is the best part of the day as we all sit in a relaxed mood at the table. We eat and talk in a manner. All talk about his or her day's experience. And grandmother who scarcely goes out of the house solves the problems of all. She is a lady of practical wisdom. My grandparents always advise us to be honest, truthful and good patriots.

We maintain a religious sanctity in our home. We have a separate Puja room. My mother keeps it clean and decorated. Every morning after bath every one sits for a few minutes in meditation before our home deity. Every evening the members present at home join in a prayer.

Paying respect to elders is a custom of my home. Blessings and good-will of elders pave the way for success. Every day when we leave home to our places of works we receive the blessings of our elders; my parents touch the feet of their parents and I and my sister touch the feet of our parents and of grandparents. Every afternoon grandmother waits for us eagerly at the front veranda of our house. She embrasses us as soon as we enter into our compound.

Conclusion -

A healthy and creative atmosphere prevail in my home. I am really proud of my home.

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