500 Words Essay on Family in English

500 Words Essay on Family in English
500 Words Essay on Family in English

Here you can read a simple and well-defined English Essay on Family in 500 words. It will help you boost your idea to write an Essay about Family in English.

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Essay on Family -

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Introduction -

Homes are the cells that constitute the body of human civilization. Families constitute the nucleolus of such cells. A family is considered as one of nature's masterpieces. All the finer virtues that differentiate man from other beasts such as love, affection, fellow feeling, care, concern and sympathy, do germinate and blossom in a family.
500 Words Essay on Family in English
500 Words Essay on Family in English

Oldest organized institutions -

Family is the oldest organized institution of man. It is the base on which the pyramid of human civilization stands proudly.

Members of my family -

I belong to an upper middle class family. My family consists of six members. They are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, my sister and I myself. I am the youngest member of my family. Being the youngest one I enjoy the love and affection of all. All adore me and I respect all.

Their specialist -

My grandparents are sexagenarians. My grandfather is a retired administrative officer. He is a strong and stout person. He is a grave person. But if situation demands he can be eloquent. For his sagacity he is respected by all. He is the real head of our family. Whenever we need anything we run to grandfather, and he is ever ready to fulfil our demands. All obey him. All sought his advice when they are in problem. My grandmother is an affectionate woman. My sister and I remain the heart throbs of her. Without her the home will be a dry place. She is an expert cook. Her pickles and jams have a special attraction for us. She tells us many interesting stories from our holy scriptures. My father is a bank-employee. At present, he is serving as a branch manager. He is a busy man and is not able to give us much time. But he enjoys his time with us on Sundays and other holidays. He can be a very entertaining conversationalist when he is in mood. Still today he fears his father more than we fear our teachers. On holidays, he took us for outing. He is an outstanding football player and has won many trophies. My mother is the pivot of my family. She is a working lady. She works as a teacher in a government girls' high-school. We cannot imagine how she can do so much without any sign of fatigue and without any irritation. She sweeps, cleans, cooks, serves meals and gets her ready for her school before I in the morning. In the evening, returning from school she serves tea to all, cooks dinner, corrects our home tasks. She works like a machine. My sister has just joined college. She is studying +2 science in Rama Devi Women's college. She never looks serious. But really she is serious about her studies and career. Her laughs, jokes and pranks are outer coverings. She intends to be an I.A.S. officer. I am sure she will make our state proud like Rupa Mishra one day.
500 Words Essay on Family in English
500 Words Essay on Family in English

My role in my family -

I myself is in class IX. My performance at school is satisfactory. I remain a favourite of my teachers, the heart-beat of my family members, a hero of my friends. I am sure of securing a good position in H.S.C.examination. Whatever I do, I never forget that as a student my primary duty is to do best in my examinations. I am always serious about my studies.

There is the seventh member in my family who needs to be mentioned. It is our black dog “Blackie.” We all like him.

An ideal family -

My family is an ideal family. An implacable bond of love and affection hold us together. All in our neighbourhood envy the peace and prosperity that has made our home a mini paradise on earth. My home is an Arcadia on earth into which many of peace showers incessantly.

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