500 Words Essay on Cow in English

Essay on Cow in English
Essay on Cow in English

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English Essay on Cow in 500 Words

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Cow is a pet. The cow is one of the most innocent and absolutely harmless animals. People keep cows in their homes for various purposes. The cow has four legs and a large body. It has two horns, two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth. Cows are herbivores. It is of great benefit to mankind. In fact, farmers and people raise cows in their homes for these purposes.

Advantages of Cow

The most important thing is that the cow gives us milk. It is an essential source of milk for mankind. Cow's milk helps to stay healthy and strong. Milk has many benefits that protect against various diseases. It also boosts our immune system. Milk also produces many products, such as butter, cream, yogurt, cheese, and so on.

Even cow dung is used for many purposes. People use it as a complete fertilizer. Cow dung is also an important biogas and fuel product. Cow dung is also used as a pesticide. People also use it as raw materials for building materials and paperwork.

Cattle skin is the most commonly used as leather type. People use it to make slips, shoes, car seats, belts, and so on. Cattle hides(leathers) make up 60 to 70 percent of the world's leather. So we see how almost everything in a cow is good for a human being. We know that it is very important in Hinduism.

There are many unsuspecting cows in India. Many diseases are left to wander the path of infection. They are in danger and lose their lives. The people and the government should take necessary steps to ensure that the cows are not harmed on a daily basis.

Cow in India

The cow is thought as a sacred animal in Hinduism. Diligent devotees worship this animal as a deity. In Hinduism, a cow is celebrated as a mother. This is why people call it "gao mata" which translates to "mother cow".

Many religions view killing a cow as a sin. Today in India there are many organizations whose sole purpose is to protect cows. They work to protect cows from any danger. They do not harm the cow in any way.

The government also takes a number of steps to protect cows from any injustice. People move forward in unity to protect them. They do not like any kind of misbehavior with the cow. We must work together to protect the cow and be a voice for the non-speakers.

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